Thursday, 27 November 2014

Feeling Rubbish

For the first time in ages (which is actually lucky thinking about it) the past week has been rubbish.

It played out like this:

I became unwell and very run down- I still tried to go out jogging and made myself worse.
Que in massive mouth ulcers that swelled up my cheek-attractive.
Next-I start feeling very sorry for myself
Feeling sorry for myself leads to eating all the biscuits. Ginger cookies. Diving but naughty!
Because I'm still unwell I don't do any exercise.
I then feel bad because I feel I have lots out on over a week on progress.
I'm now back at stage one.
Then I feel the pressure
I'm running a marathon and I don't even feel like training right now.
I feel like a knob.
I eat more biscuits.
I doubt myself
I have no self control at the moment.
I binge watch T.V for the weekend and eat some tacos.
Tacos are one of my faves, tacos give me mild food poisoning.
I feel sick again
More telly watching
I start to feel bored.
I realise I have not written a post for a while and then feel shit again.

It's a cycle that I am having to break. I'm the only one that can. I still don't feel like running. But I have found some aerobic exercise routines that I'll be trying out in the meantime and this Saturday a country park walk/jog has been put in the diary.

I think you have to ride the wave sometimes and more often than not you come out the other side wanting to improve on things.

Yes I needed a rest. But I didn't need to eat tons of junk food and not move for two days straight, except to go get more food. Bluergh. Any way at least I'm being honest with myself. it's time to get back on the whole foods and get an exercise routine established again.

WHY is it so cold just as I need to go out and train!? DAMN YOU WINTER AND YOUR ICEY WINDS.

On a side note. As I am starting to find more beauty products I like would regular readers like to read more about said products? It will always be a mix of green and cruelty free. What do you think? Should sharing my liked products become more of a thing on wellmeaningbeing?

It is always good to have a brain dump/rant. I'm feeling better already! Toodle pip.


  1. OH CHUMMY! Don't feel bad, you shouldn't wear yourself out through exercising even more when you're already ill. It won't do you any good! Rest a lot and eat as many biscuits as you like til you're better :) xxx

    1. Thank your the permission to eat all the biscuits! But i don't think i should, i would be able to fit in my running leggings! x

  2. I have been in this cycle on and off all year, but more so in the past couple of months since my boyfriend and I broke up. I am eating so terribly, getting very little exercise, and my mouth is covered in ulcers too. And you're right, the only one who can break this cycle is me.
    I really hope things start getting better for you. I'm thinking of looking into some gentle swimming to start me off. Do you think that's a good idea?
    And also, I love reading about beauty stuff on blogs, so it would be great to read. I am a lifelong vegetarian and animal lover so love cruelty free stuff.

    1. I think swimming would be am excellent way to get back into an exercise routine. Apparently swimming is one of the best things you can do and it's also low impact but still effective. Good luck with breaking the cycle, maybe just go once a week and see how you feel? x