Sunday, 30 November 2014

The happy formula

So, what is my happy formula? 
What positive actions can I do do easily each day that in fact create my very own wellbeing focused happy chappy formula?

A good breakfast
A few minutes calm before work
A good facial moisturiser and decent skincare routine in general
Feeling refreshed
Warm drinks
A few happy connections throughout the day
Sitting at the table for dinner.
A Good nights sleep.

In General:
Healthy balanced diet
Self Care

When thinking about what makes my happy formula, I just quickly wrote down exactly what I thought. I didn't question it, I just wrote it down and took a moment to reflect. Repeatedly it seems like the beginning of the day is centered around self care and I know this is true.
When I have a good breakfast and have completed my ideal skincare routine I feel always well fed and refreshed, I feel set up for the day ahead. I love Herbal Teas and can often be found sipping them throughout the day at work. It keeps me content and happy (it is the little things).

Getting a text from someone during the day is always a pick me up, alternatively I may think of a someone to text and brighten their day, its a bit of give and take when it comes to communication.

Sitting down for dinner at the table helps me unwind and leave the work day behind. I find sitting at the table helps me focus on eating dinner and also talking to the boyfriend about our working day and leave it at the table.

Sleep is really important. I'm trying my hardest to disconnect from the internet before bedtime. If I check social media right before my head hits the pillow, I find that my head is then processing all those images and words as I am trying to relax before bed. Instead have been flicking through to a random page in the little mindfulness book that I keep by my bed side. As I fall asleep I focus on what I have read for a little while and then just think of sleep. As you make have noticed it takes me a long while to fall asleep, but this does seem to help.

Taking a moment to just focus on the small things, those small easily fulfilled actions that can change your day for the better. My aim for the next month is to create the time to make sure that I fitting in what has turned out to be "my happy formula". Obviously this, in my mind is a very slimline version of what could be a very detailed life size scaled happy formula. However, for now it is pefect to focus on daily comforts and happiness. Which will in turn make life that little bit better.

What is your happy formula? I'd love to know!


  1. I like to watch funny music videos. Right now my favourite one is Valerie Proulx by 3 Gars Sul Sofa. The video is funny, the song is fun and cute as well. Makes my day!

  2. oh, I like the idea of this! Think, I'll write mine out tonight. :)