Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I'm running the London Marathon 2015

I'm running the London Marathon 2015!
The picture above was taken in July of this year. I had just completed 5K for Cancer Research with my best friend. We had set no target time, we just wanted to do it in memory of those lost and those currently fighting. Taking part in that 5k sparked something inside. So with positivity flowing through me I entered to complete the London Marathon 2015, raising money for Cancer Research. Why? many reasons that you can read about below and also I took it as a sign that I should apply because I have always wanted to take part and next year the marathon falls on my birthday.
As the ballot results came through, my application had not been picked. I was sad but put those feelings aside because I had to focus on my driving test in a months time. I failed my driving test, then in the same day, that afternoon an email popped up in my inbox. I had been put on a waitlist with the cancer research team and this was my second chance to receive a place in the London Marathon.
I got it.
Here is my why:
My Grandma was a fantastic woman, she worked hard all her life and always had a positive outlook. When she would baby sit me, we would bake cakes, have sleep overs and watch Disney and we would read books constantly. I would make up dance routines, using her old vinyl for backing music and practice my ballet routines for her. Together, we were a trio, me, my Mum and My Grandma
My last memory of my Grandma is me reading her Topsy and Tim books while holding her hand. When I had to leave, she grasped my hand so tightly. I thought she had been asleep, So I hugged her tightly and whispered I love you. I remember crying but I didn't think that would be the last time I saw her.  
I think of her almost every single day.  I am doing this in memory of her. I am doing it for my family
I know my story isn't unique, I know there are a lot of people out there that have lost family and friends to cancer. It is very likely that we have all been affected by cancer, we have all had to see the struggle.
But things are changing.
Over the last 40 years, cancer survival rates in the UK have doubled. In the 1970's just a quarter of people survived. Today that figure is half.
With great treatment and will power one on my best friends Jake has amazingly won the fight against cancer twice. He is one of the most friendly, upbeat people I know. He has also completed the marathon twice! What a nutter! In all seriousness, I love this guy, I am doing this for him.
There is a lovely woman in my life who I have known for 6 years and she doesn't even know the impact she has had on me. She often tells me to believe in myself.
She has recently had the all clear from cancer. Undoubtedly there were bad days but she remained up beat, welcoming you with open arms into her home and offering you a drink and a chat. The only thing different was that she was fighting cancer. She was still positive. Still strong. Still Julie. I am doing this for her.
I'm doing this for everyone.
Cancer Research's ambition is to accelerate progress and see three quarters of cancer patients surviving the disease within the next 20 years. This requires an ambitious new agenda of research, pioneering new approaches and ultimately investment. 
I know that everyone is fund-raising know a days. But if you would like to donate me the price of a birthday cocktail that would be amazing. If you want to donate a bit more and get me closer to my initial target of £2000. Thank You!  You can donate here.
It's going to be a hard slog and on the day, I'm sure it is going to be emotional. I am ready for the challenge. I am going to be committed to the training and will be posting updates along the way.
Well done if you got to the end. That was a marathon in it's self!
If you have any tips, they would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Yay chummy :D You can do it! xxx

    1. Thank you Amber! I'm slowly starting my training routine! x

  2. Well done on getting a place and good luck x

    1. Thank you Karen. I know that you are an avid runner, so if get stuck i'll know who to come to for tips! x

  3. Amazing. Good luck - look forward to hearing how the journey goes :) x

    1. I appreciate it, I'll be needing a bit of luck I'm sure! Looking forward to the journey towards April as well. It will be a challenge. But worth it x

  4. I lost too many people to this disease & I've two people in my life recently diagnosed. I admire your spirit to raise money and good luck with your training & I look forward to following the journey :)

    1. I'm sorry for you loss Sarah. Thank you for your support and you kind donation. it will motivate me to train and get to that finish line! x

  5. Im sorry for your loss. My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer last year (she's still fighting) which is the reason i started my blog about a healthier greener life. Good luck on the marathon i'm sure you will do great! :) xx

  6. How very brave and determined you are! Some people just talk about 'one day I may do this' and some people take action. How inspiring! Congratulations and good luck. x