Monday, 17 November 2014

Why it all started

This wellbeing blog started as a space to create a welcoming place for anyone wanted to find a little bit of encouragement and a little bit of calm.

Almost a year ago, when wanting to find a little bit of calm for myself  I attended what I thought would be a yoga class. It turned out to be meditation class, which turned out the be a  orientation for a community that is widely seen as a cult and have a very dark past and an even more unsettling present.

So, not being discouraged by this negative experience, I set out to look for "wellbeing blogs" something that I could liken too.

As I looked into it, I couldn't easily find anywhere that spoke of relaxation, wellbeing and daily life without a heavy focus on spiritualism. Don't get me wrong I think you can find a level spiritualism in most things in this world. However, I wanted to find blogs, websites, articles that encouraged personal wellbeing of the self. Yourself, myself. No ego, higher self or the like.

I wanted to find a space that was separate from it but could also be linked when wanted/needed with other theories and practical routines that encompass wellbeing. Because after all everyone's wellbeing is important. It doesn't have to be sprititual at all. Wellbeing can be and  should be both practical and attainable.
It is unique and different for each and every person. You should be able to meditate how you want and not have to say Namaste. You should be able to focus on your wellbeing and not worry about the fact that you don't to like yoga. Wellness doesn't have to be a fashion statement, you don't need the mala beads or the green smoothies, if you don't like them. What it can be is finding a routine, little actions to add positivity to your day. That make YOU feel better. Wellness can be a lifelong practice that will keep you ticking over happily.

Your wellbeing practice does not have to be about being one with the universe. It's okay if you want to be your own person and not take part in the concept that you are just an actor in this play that is life. It's okay to be a contradiction and light sage but not say a prayer. You can meditate and not be a buddisht. You can do some morning stretches and not be a yogi.

Of course if you want to be any of these things that's your prerogative, if it brings your life meaning and peace. That is fantastic. I just feel that there is gap for those who want to focus on themselves and their wellbeing without feeling the need for it to have definitive spiritual focus.

Similarly this kind of wellness doesn't have to be selfish as it sounds. I know my view of personal wellbeing seems very secular and yes predominantly it is about looking after yourself, whether that be with eating good food, pampering yourself with great beauty products, dressing in your favourite styles, reading inspiring literature, exercising or making time for friends. What ever it is that makes sure that you are number one in your own life. It all sounds very greedy.
 But it isn't, what I find happens, is this;
 When you are kind to yourself. You are kinder to others. When you give to yourself, you are more willing to give to others. You are happier and spread happiness around you.

When you work on your own wellbeing. those around you will be affected. Little ripples will follow. You will be happier, when you find things that work for you, it will feel like you are becoming a better person, a better version of yourself. You will wonder why you hadn't started sooner.

Have you found a great exercise class, have you started baking? You have found a new genre of film that you absolutely love? Are you amazing at make-up, do you love playing an instrument? What's you passion in life? Make sure you make time for it. For yourself.

Passion is spiritual. That's my opinion.
Passion feeds you spirit.
Passion is what keeps us going. Finding you own little passions in life will make it all the better.

I promise.


  1. Lovely sentiment. This got me thinking about why I blog, or the purpose of anything I do. Sometimes, I think there is none. Other times, I tell myself I want to inspire and connect. That without me constantly feeding the flames of my imagination, there would no longer be any warmth in my life.

  2. Wow, amazing. "You should be able to meditate how you want and not have to say Namaste. You should be able to focus on your wellbeing and not worry about the fact that you don't like yoga." I've tried to make yoga "a thing" for quite a while but could never really get into it and have settled for a blend of yoga/pilates/stretching kind of routine that's really just a a mix of body movements that work and feel good to me. Same goes for meditation, I just sit and do my thing without feeling that I need to follow any "rules" or such. You hit the nail on the head with this post, glad I found it!