Tuesday, 20 January 2015

What scares you?

There are quotes that I often see

Do what scares you the most
Happiness is on the other side of fear
If it were easy everyone would be doing it.

Moving past fear is hard. We can be fearful of many things. These fears can reach different levels. Some fade, some stay the same and if you let them, some will grow into a disabling fear that will limit your growth.

We don't want this.

I have come to believe that there are too types of fear.

Fear of the unknown
Fear from experience

Fear of the unknown could be anything, it could be based on your hopes and dreams.
Perhaps you are afraid of the outcome, you are afraid of failure. This kind of fear comes from self disbelief. It can also come from believing that your current circumstances mean you cannot move forward or do something that you would like to. You fear staying the same. But you are left with the unknown. Not knowing what to do, what direction to take.
So you stay still and never move forward.

Fear from experience, you may have had a heart breaking, painful or traunmatic experience. These upsetting memeories leave an inprint and anything that provokes these memories are met with fear and unease. Unease settles into worry and that worry can cause fear.
That knot in your stomach.
That tells you to back away. It is self preservation. It is times like this where we have to step back and look at what is causes the fear, is it best to actually back off or could it be time to take the risk?

Here is my example:
My wish is to work within the wellness industry. I want to work with people and create something positive and worthwhile. I am fearful of failure and my own compentancy. I worry that people would not want a service from me etc. This stems from dis-belief in myself.

When I sit down with myself and ask myself what I truly want. it is this. I am so passionate about it. That I know that somehow, in some form it will happen. How and when, have not shown themselves yet, this is what scares me. I have to push past this and really go through my options.

It is important to think about what I can do now, to get to where I want to be in the future.

I fear the unknown. But it also excites me.

I also want to develop certain relationships in my life and move forward with them. Previous experiences have lead me to be pesimitic about certain "milestones" that we all often go through and I find it hard to trust the process.

I know that I can't let past hurt affect the future. Otherwise the past could indeed repeat itself. Again, once I sit down with myself and think it through, I know that I can push past this fear. This has taken time and healing, but it is possible.

I have experienced pain and hurt but I cannot let the fear continue.

We all have fears. We always will, dealing with fear is also a life skill that is essential. It is essential to know your own fears and how you can deal with them in your own way.

Good Luck.


  1. What a great post - I think fear can work both ways, it can either give you strength and conviction or reduce both of those... hope that makes sense.
    Rach xx

  2. Really loved this post. Fear can either drive you mad or be your drive, it's up to us to decide which route to take.

    Most importantly it's key to understand that fear is just something we inherently have to deal with in order to prevent us from doing something stupid that might eventually hurt us. It's a vital instinct. If we look at fear the way it is and rationalise it, somehow that'll make it easier to deal with.


  3. Thanks for this post! My fear is to move to a big city without finding a job first. This is reidiculous, as I've lived in those cities I have in my mind, and I know how to get my way around and that I can always get a little job in the meantime.

  4. Great post Liz, they're always inspiring and help give me a little push in the right direction. I think I definitely have a fear of both, but know to move forward I have to try and push past them. I hope you get your wish, I truly think you'll be an amazing help to lots of people x

  5. Hello Miss Liz.. I really like the way you wrote the article and the way you say it is so inspiring for me and for everyone as well. what scares me most is when the people I cared and loved about would never care and love me back, I know its so bad to ask them to love me too but I am trying to be strong and just pretend that everything is ok.

    I'd love to visit your blog as always and read more of your posts. Thanks!

    xx Alexa