Saturday, 14 February 2015

Future Balance

I know, I have not been present on the blog for a while. But I have been present in my own life. At least I have been trying at present to find balance.

Balance is so important.

Balance brings,
With working full time, running, working out, learning how to drive, fund-raise and move house. I began to realise that perhaps I have started saying yes, way too much. I found myself surrounded by possibilities. Exciting possibilities. With my fingers stretched out in to too many pots and I knew that I had to step back.

Regular readers may become fed up with me writing about not being able to find the time to blog. I love my blog and how it has given myself a form a self expression. Writing a wellness blog has also lead me to realise that sometimes, you cannot fit it all in. Life is about priorities. And for a little while, the blog was not a major priority. My wellness on the other hand always will be.

Through balancing my priorities I have been able to work full time, think of blog ideas, research future prospects, begin the process of moving house, run 8 miles and..... I passed my driving test.

The week of my driving test, I stripped back to basics. I kept myself occupied with a few more driving lessons. I revised my show me tell me questions and I took the time to be a calm state as often as possible. For three days I was all about the zen and driving.

I did some deep breathing, I repeated self made mantras.
I told myself "If I am calm, I am capable".

This is why balance is so important. If I had allowed myself to remain stretched out and had not focused my attention when I needed. Who knows, I may have failed. If I had failed I would have felt disappointed and questioned whether I had done enough.

Test day came and there where nerves. But I was at peace with it. I knew, I had put in all the work I could. If I failed, I had done my best.

This weekend I have to try and cover a distance on 10 miles with very little weekday prep. But I will give it my all and know that for the next two months, running a marathon will be my focus and I can balance my lifestyle around the possibility that I can conquer a marathon.

That's what finding a balance does. It brings you belief. You believe in your own possibilities.


  1. Good to see you back on the blog! Congrats on the driving!😄

  2. You're absolutely right - you need to know where to focus your energy. Congratulations on passing your driving test and good luck with your marathon training!
    Carrie | What I Love Today x