Sunday, 1 February 2015

Marathon update: I ran 10k today

 Now, to the avid runner this may not be a big thing. For me, a novice runner who has only ever done a 5k. completing a 10k has motivated me to no end. It was hard and it did hurt towards the end but during those 6 miles, I could feel myself pushing myself more and more.

Through this training I have realised how easy it is to let myself give up. Now that I am spending more and more time alone with myself. I find myself alone with my thoughts and sometimes my thoughts lead me to wanting to give up.

To slow down.
To stop moving.
To go no further.

Previous to starting this blog I did alot of slowing down, giving up and going no futher with my dreams. I became very good at talking myself out of taking risks. I was "happy" never progressing because I was affraid of embrassment and failure.

When I am running, as my feet pound the pavement. I know that I am not the most gracefull, that my face is bright red and that I am more than likely running with my mouth wide open like i'm trying to catch flies.

I do stop every now and then. I power walk. I keep moving. When I feel ready, I start running again. This has become my pattern of movement. It might not suit anyone else. It might look stupid to a more experienced runner.

I have learned in the past weeks not to care. I am moving in my own way and I, in my own eyes am succeeding. I have gained confidence in the fact that is my right to be on the same pavement, it's my road to go down as much as anyone elses.

So now when negative thoughts start to flow around my head. I think about why I am doing this, what it means to me and how I would feel if I quit. How would truly feel without all the crap I used to tell myself just to feel better.

Without all the excuses.

I would feel defeated, unaccomplished, dissatisfied.
I would be cheating myself out of finding out more.
More about myself. About what I can accomplish. My true character.

I don't want that anymore. I want to complete 26.2 miles. In any shape or form. I want to do it.

I will do it.

The same applies to life. I have every right to be on the road that is life. I have every right to move down it as I wish. I may not be moving in the same way or heading in the same direction as anyone else. That is okay.
I can go forward and make mistakes. I can push myself and get over embarassment.
Because over that hard hurdle or tough mile could be something so amazing, so grounding, that once you find it you wont want to let go of it.

You wont want to let go of seeing what else you can do.

Go for it.

I am going to be taking part in the London Marathon 2015. If you would like find out more or sponsor me click here.


  1. Well done. Your first 10k is a huge achievement. Lots of people start running by run/walking and there will be lots of people doing just that at VLM x

    1. Thank you so much Karen! I know you are a keen runner so I take your encouraging words and will "run" with them... then walk abit.....then run abit! x

  2. You go girl! Show them who's boss :)


    1. Woop! Thanks Rita! I truly am going for it!

  3. Well done Liz!! That's incredible! When I did race for life I definitely didn't run the whole way - just keep going and don't give up! You will give up by telling yourself to give up quicker than your body will actually give up :) xx

    1. I have read that it is all the mind. So I am working on both my mental and physical stamina! Got to power through it! Thank you, Amber x

  4. Great work Liz, you are doing fantastic :)

  5. Wow! 10K is awesome hun! I think the running/powerwalking combo is good... I'm no expert but at least you are still moving forwards and keeping warm, etc. Eventually you'll just walk less and less as your stamina increases and you won't even notice till one day you've ran for 10K without walking!! Keep it up, you're so motivated to be running in this weather... it would put me off!! You're much braver and more dedicated than me xx