Thursday, 14 May 2015

Why you should reject my wellness ideals

I am a true advocate of what I enjoy. Why wouldn't I be?, what I enjoy brings my joy.
I want to write about the sense of wellness, that finding little snippets of joy can bring.
I want to share that with like minded people.

I often take inspiration from what I read and see, but I really try my hardest not to copy. I just take it all in and see what evolves on it's own.

When I was just copying all the recipies, I saw hoping I would resemble the chef. Or buying all the products that I read about because I liked how they looked on the reviewer. When I tried to get into tarot, to find my higher self. It just was not working out for me.

I felt lost. What I was emulating wasn't me. It didn't fit. It didn't bring me joy.

I decided to reject other peoples wellness.

So now, I still read whatever may take my fancy, it may spark an interest or I just let it go. I love seeing what other people have found helpful, interesting and what has brought that happy stillness of contentment into their lives.

There is a lot of talk on wellness being a peusdo-science. I think that the concept of wellness and an individual's wellbeing is being lost within the realm of alternative therapies and juicing and yoga. Of course wellness is what you want it to be. If you enjoy all the above, that's great.  Just as long as it works for you, you are staying true to yourself and you are not harming anyone else in the process, then it is your prerogative to do, YOU!

I hope you take my posts as little snippets of inspiration and lifestyle tales. This is as much a document of my journey as it is a blog for someone else to read.

 You should reject my wellness ideals and seek out your own unique ones.

 What I agree with, you may not, what I like to eat, you may hate. But we can all agree that giving some kind of focus on what makes you feel well and good, is important.
 It should be something you ask your self daily.

Do I feel well today?

Answer truthfully......

And work from there.

Some things will work, some actions with profoundly resonate with you down to the core. Other practices will leave you feeling, well MEH!

 It's all about chopping and changing, refining and selecting to make you pursuit of wellness as unique as you are.

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  1. Hi Liz,

    Loved this post - at first I was shocked by your change of stance, but realised why you said it. Wellness is definitely personal, and what works for one person just won't for another. In that respect I'm a big fan of being mindful, learning to look inward to truly find what makes me happy and feel good. It's a mentality, not a meal plan!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)