Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tell it how it is

I'm afraid that it took getting a breast cancer diagnosis to make me really, truly, tell it how it is.

To start telling people how I want to live my life.

I have been scuttling around, cultivating a beauty routine filled with lovely natural products, I've been eating well and living mindfully. I have been honest and true. To myself.

I had not however been too vocal about it outside of my own mind. Or outside of this blog, bar a few people who seemed interested and accepting.

It was time for a change!

So I wrote a firm but polite email to those close to me and explained, without no apologies, my current lifestyle choices. This read as follows:

Hello lovely people,

I just wanted to let you all know how I would like to continue lifestyle wise throughout treatment and beyond. I am writing this as an email so I don't have to explain my choices constantly and hopefully wont be seen ungrateful or difficult in the future.

As well as not eating any dairy products:

I will be giving up all processed red meat; ham, sausages, chorizo, corned beef, store brought burger patties etc. I will also not be eating any meat cuts from any dairy producing cattle- Cow, Goat, pig etc.  I can eat chicken, duck, turkey (in small quantities).

I will not be eating any processed snacks and sweets or white breads. Fruit and nuts are fine. Vegan (dairy free) and low sugar desserts are also fine.

I will not be drinking alcohol for the foreseeable future ( which is good anyway, as I get hung-over after one drink!)

For the past year and a half, I have been changing my hair, beauty, skincare, body care and perfume products to natural, organic and cruelty free items. It can be hard to navigate what is truly natural and cruelty free. So if you want to buy me such a gift for Christmas or birthday, I can tell you what I would like or you could buy me a voucher for a certain store etc.

I do not use synthetic scented candles and only buy candles made of natural waxes and dyes, again please ask before you buy me something, so I do not waste a thoughtful gift.

I hope you don't find this list bossy, I just wanted to let everyone know my current lifestyle choices. Please don't alter how you cook a dinner if I am a guest, I will just have an extra serving of vegetables etc and I can also bring an extra dish of food to share!

Thank You, See you all soon.

Lots of Love

Liz xx

The response has been good and a few people have even commended me for it. Well, at least to my face I have had no complaints. There has even been a few jokes. Especially from my Dad, "What about man-made-fibre-hessian-underpants...are these in or out?". Yeah, very funny Dad. However hessian pants would rub some what, so I replied  "rough pants out,  fair trade organic cotton pants are in!".
Anyway, please don't wait like I did to properly commit to who you are. Not just to yourself but in the way you present your self outward to others. Make sure people see and respect you for who you want to be. Who you are striving to be. I guarantee you that they will like what they see and may even surprise you, by not being that surprised about the new (to them) changes at all!

Because if you are being true to yourself, your authenticity will shine through. And, there is no arguing with that! 
 (and finally, if they do argue with you then perhaps it's best not to waste the energy! carry on with what makes you happy and leave them to their own devices!)


  1. I find this to be very good! A lot of people wouldn't have sent out an email like this to their family and friends, they'd just let things happen. For me, in a way it's kind of good because it would be interesting to see who actually pays attention to you and what you like, you know? However, in your case this also seems like a great idea. You're not being overly bossy, you're being honest and that's what everybody wants out of someone. So I give you kudos for doing what you did. :)

  2. Fair play to you, if I was someone who received that kind of email I would appreciate the info - like you said, it saves a wasted gift.
    Hope you are doing well lovely
    Rach xx