Friday, 24 July 2015

A Little Update

I thought I should give an update on what been going on. And I feel lucky to say, that it has all been positive.

I got my genetics tests back and I have been told that I do not have the BRCA1 and 2 mutations genes, I was informed that this is not 100% accurate, but that its good for now. I will be tested for other genes over the next year.

Another Mri on my right boob has shown that it is normal - YAY! The mass has gone down and yes, basically it is a bit weird but it is completely normal. So no need to have surgery on that side.

I got myself a fertility appointment this is the only slightly crap bit of news. If I wanted to as a preventative measure, preserve some eggs, it is to late now before my operation. Which is annoying because I have had 2 months of waiting and could have fitted it in if I had been referred directly by my consultant when I had asked 2 months ago. ANYWAY. I can do it if I need it. And I will need if I will be having chemo. I will be told the yes or no on the chemo front about 2 weeks after my op. The county where I live does not fund IVF on the NHS for cancer patients. So I would have to pay for it myself. Very expensive , but in my eyes completely worth it.

I know that it is controversial for some, but if it is my only option to have an "insurance policy" as such, that I could have children. Then I want to do it.

Next I had a pre operative assessment and discussed my options for surgery.  As I have not been blessed with the largest of breast, the surgeon offered a newish procedure called a Perforator Flap with Breast Reconstruction and lymph node removal. So it is still a Lumpectomy, I will just have a different scar. It will be quite large and start from under my breast and wrap around my side.

This option was the best for me. The Simple Lumpectomy would have been easier, however the deformation of my breast would have been very pronounced. I know it shouldn't be about image, but due to the size of the lump in correlation with my breast, it would have been quite a difference.

This way the surgeon is also able to take more tissue out around the lump and then fill in the hole with my own fat.- NICE!

This way, I know I'm doing the best for myself and to hopefully have the best chance of getting it all out of me.

I'm doing well, I am nervous. I have never had to had an operation before.

If anyone has any advice of how to heal and soften the looks of scars (natural products please) then please tell me! I will be most grateful.



  1. I can't even imagine how challenging all this must be, but glad you are taking care of yourself. Sending lots of good thoughts and well wishes your way! Helichrysum essential oil is amazing on scars. Rosehip oil too, although it can be slow to see results in my experience :)

  2. Well, a mixed bag of information there but overall good? Well done for keeping such a positive and matte-of-fact attitude, I guess stuff has to be done so may as well get on and do it?! Easy for me to say though of course.
    Thinking of you and hoping for the best in all outcomes/areas.
    I believe Rosehip oil is good for scars but I don't know a 'miracle' cure I'm afraid.
    Rach xx

  3. I only found out about what you're going through now. I'm sending you love, strength and positive vibes. I'm thinking of you and wishing for a full recovery. <3
    I heard of Aloe Vera to speed the healing process. Have you read The Glamorganic Goddess blog? Maybe she could also give you recommendations for scars. Much love, Liz xx

  4. Big love to you. Rosehip oil is good for scarring x