Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Wellness and Cancer

Of course this space will always be a wellness blog.
Of course, I had never envisaged this being a cancer related blog
 I'm going to make sure that it will never solely be the main focus.
What it always will be, is this:

thoughtful words on being well in ever facet of life.

 Now if that have breast cancer. I'm going to write about it

I've chosen not to write a separate blog. This blog is a lifestyle blog. Cancer will now forever be a part of my lifestyle.

So I will still share my thoughts on life, just like I always have and some of those thoughts will be focused on cancer


And this is a big BUT

I want to keep my head, I want to stay mindful, I want to stay as upbeat and as grounded as possible.
I will vent, I will get sad, I will be honest.
Honestly is always the best policy.

My words, my wounds, my wisdom, my wellness journey.


  1. Chummy you look BEAUTIFUL in your picture on the side of this blog! I know you'll stay positive throughout this journey, you can get through this xxx

  2. I am sure your blog will be an important part of helping you get through this. To me wellness means acknowledging the difficult times are part of who you are. To stay well it is just as important to be able to vent and to cry as it is to laugh and smile x