Monday, 3 August 2015

Dear Lump

(warning my lump pic is down below!)

Dear Lump,

Hopefully in a couple of weeks time my hopes will be confirmed. That after you are removed on Thursday, I will be cancer free. That none of you remains. No evidence of disease. I can never be 100 percent certain that one of your little cells hasn't broken off already. Floating around to find somewhere else you can get comfortable. But, I can hope that pathology will confirm the MRi, that no cancer will be found in my lymph glands.

How amazing would that be. No evidence of disease. No feasible evidence of cancer. What will remain is how your increasing mass has affected my thoughts, from good to bad. Prominently good. I want to do good. I want to live with good thoughts, good deeds and a good heart. And having you take residence has reminded me not to take anything for granted. I will grab hold of my life and enjoy everyday. I will get through the bad days, so I can relish the good ones. Accept the ying and the yang.

It's all good.

If there is reasonable doubt that you have not been completely removed or that you have made your way to my lympth nodes. I will remember the hope that is in my heart today. That I know I can do this and soon you will be no more than an memory. A life lesson that I will keep with me everyday. Everyday, it a good way. If it starts to haunt me I will remind myself that I can be in control of somethings.

And that control starts with a happy healthly mind.

So I write this:

Dear Lump,

you are not welcome
dont get too comfortable
this is your eviction notice.
sayonara cacinoma!


  1. Loveliest Liz, I had no idea about this...sending you oodles of positive thoughts but it sounds like you're doing pretty well on that front! Which I think is more than half the battle. It shouldn't take a disease to put our lives into perspective but it so often is the case...sending you heaps of hope, love, laughter and cancer-busting mad skillz! xx

  2. Ps. I love your new blog pic, gorgeous!

  3. Sending you some big positive waves of confidence and positivity. x