Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Banana Chocolate Vegan Breakfast Milkshake

As I sip on this milkshake I feel like I am cheating on breakfast. Although there is no guilt, for this is a weekend treat. For when you wake up and you want something yummy and sweet.

I give you, the very simple and very delicious,

Banana Chocolate Vegan Breakfast Milkshake (or whatever time of day it is!)

You will need:

A small ripe banana
A cup and a 1/2 of your chosen milk (I used Koko coconut milk)
1 Teaspoon of Chia Seeds
 2 Tea Spoons of Bioglan Super Foods Energy Boost Powder
Water or coconut water to top up the mix
Blend until smooth and chocolaty in colour.

This is delicious, as it used a whole banana this is sweet enough for me and gives me that sweet treat fix. Which sometimes you need to give a spring in your step on a weekend morning. You have worked hard all week, you deserve a treat!

I had this with a round of toast, as I wanted to make sure I was full until lunch.

I came across Bioglan as I was already on the look out for something to put a pep in my step in the mornings. I want an extra energy boost without relying on caffeine all the time. I have to be honest the first time I tried it, I blended the Bioglan Energy Boost Powder with just plain water. In my opinion this offers no flavour and doesnt taste very nice. But, when mixed in a smoothie and even in porridge the blend of Lucuma, Baobab, Hemp and Cacao really compliment each other and tastes delicious!

As well as being super tasty this blend of super powders has been put together by Bioglan to combat tiredness and fatigue with natural energy boosting antioxidants. It is also a natural source of B Vitamins, Magnesium, Protein, Iron, Amino Acids and Fibre.

Bioglan suggests putting it in your smoothies, baking, cereals and even juices. I'm looking to forward to trying the energy boost powder in their Apricot and Orange Energy Bites Recipe (found on the back of the packet).

Have you tried Bioglan before? Got any tips for me? What are you chucking in your morning smoothies, that I need to know about?

I brought this item myself and my opinions are my own.


  1. Hi Liz,

    Love the sound of this smoothie! I regularly make a variation of this as a breakfast smoothie, using cacao and maca instead of the Bioglan Powder, so I'd love to see how this one differs in taste!

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

    1. Hello there!,

      I've not tried maca and cacao together. i have then sitting in the cupboard. i'll be giving it a go asap! x