Thursday, 31 December 2015

A wellmeaningbeing 2016

As 2015 rang in last year, I made myself some promises and then wrote them in a post called 15 for 2015 for all to see. I didn't quite get all of my goals done, but that's okay. What rang true for me this year is that life definitely gets in the way and it is okay to not get everything done that you had hoped for. Because what is important, is to not over stretch yourself and to no hold yourself to what you thought you wanted or needed. Things change, events happened and your opinions shift. So it's okay if some hopes and aspirations change.

Here is what I wanted for 2015:

1, run a marathon - DONE!
2, keep a constant exercise routine- nope, this has NOT happened! very much need to improve!
3, get back into reading -I've been reading a lot more! loving it!
4, volunteer- I am currently looking for the right opportunity
5, Pass my driving test- DONE!
6, make a house a home - In process
7, Bake a decent dairy free cake- The boy did make a lovely dairy free chocolate cake... if that counts?
8, learn a new skill - DONE!
9, say yes more - I'm trying
10, see more friends - I have been catching up with them all!
11, this will be the year of no hangovers - so far so good, no hangovers!
12, go on a long holiday - Not yet, maybe next year!
13, treat my mum to a special day out - Ive taken her out for dinner but still need a day out!
14, make time for selfcare-  I have had a whole month of me time, ready for the real world again.
15, be truly myself, at all times- Yes, this year, I have been truly and completely me!
For 2016 i'm not going to make any goals. I'm going to go with the flow and see what happens. Instead of making goals all there will be, is this.
I will aim to:
Eat better (because I have fallen off the bandwagon big time)
Buy less (I have more than enough)
Spend more (time with friends and family)
Blog wise for the later part of 2015 I was not blogging because, simply, I just did not feel like it. I'm never going to force myself to do something that I dont want to do. Now, I'm starting to get twitchy fingers, I'm starting to feel like my old self and feel encouraged to blog more. I want my posts to come from a place where I am fully engaged and happy to write. I want to be authentic in my thoughts that are expressed on here. So if that means wellmeaningbeing doesnt have a blogging schedule and I blog as and when feels right, that's okay by me.

So here is to 2016, may it be kind to you and you treat yourself well! 
Leave the bad behind. What ever negativity 2015 brought your way, leave it in the past with 2015.
2016 is yours for the taking. Honestly, there will probably be some kind of crap that we all have to deal with in the coming year. So there is no room for all the shit that happened in 2015 to come with you. Make some space, do your mental spring clean early. 

Here's to a wellmeaningbeing 2016. 

See you there! Lets make it a good one!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Taking a long overdue break

With a New Year just around the corner and the opportunity to take some serious time off before 2016 kicks in, I have been using the month of December as a type of stay-cation / reboot. It's a time for some much needed relaxing, copious cups of tea and taking it easy.

I had not noticed that I was really tired until I stopped. I was starting to feel run down. Run down by the events of this year, both happy and sad. I'm now in the process of getting a good routine going, filled with a decent amount of sleep, good food, a kick as skincare routine and some time to read a good book or two.

It's been the first time in over ten years that I have been able to have a month off and just ......BE.

Be with myself
Be still
Be Gratefull
Believing in good, great things for the year ahead

I've not done much else with my time, I've mostly been in my own company. It's been an important to not take it too seriously. It's been full of days filled with ease and stillness. And when I feel restless, I spend time with others.

I think, that after having to go through a hard life event for a long period of time, it is important to make some time to get back to some kind of normal. I'll never be the same, I have grown in a lot of ways. But for the past four - five months, I've had to let something else take over and just get through it. I had forgotten myself. Not completely, but if I'm honest, I wasnt all there, I was going through the motions, getting it done. Wanting it to be over.

And now I have had the luxury of a month off. The gift of time. I've not been doing much with it. Not by others standards. But, for me, this is enough, it is what I have needed and would encourage anyone else to the same, to have a time out, a stay-cation! It doesn't have to be for a month. It can be a long weekend. Make time for yourself, you are so important!