Monday, 4 January 2016

Project Pan: No Buy

Almost two years or so ago I wrote about my own attempt at a Project Pan. I took a make-up inventory and laid it all out there.

In March 2014, I had in total 138 Products, which were:
Blusher 17
Eyebrows products 3
Lip liners 4
Single Eyeshadows 22
Small Eyeshadow palettes 9
Large Eye Shadow palettes 4
Concealer 8
Bronzer 8
Mascara 8
Setting Powder 2
Lip products 25
Eye Pencils 18/ 5 black
Liquid/Gel liners 3
Primers 2
Highlighters/Illuminaters 2
BB Cream/Foundations 3

After a major decultter I got down to 90 products, which then easily grew to back up to 100.

As of today, I have 73 makeup products.

Yes, 73. This is still a hell of a lot of make-up! I'm not a makeup artist or full time beauty blogger, so I'm not completely comfortable with the amount still in my collection.

So this is what I have now:
Blusher 6
Eyebrows products 3
Lip liners 1
Single Eyeshadows 13
Eye Shadow palettes 9
Concealer 7
Bronzer 3
Mascara 3
Setting Powder 2
Lip products 5
Eye Pencils 7
Gel Eye Liners 3
Eye Primer 1
Face Primers 2
Highlighters 3
BB Cream/Foundations 3
Setting Powder 0
Finishing powder 2

I hope to get this amount down to 45-50 by the end of the year. I also am not totally cruelty free yet as I am still using up some concealers (two of wish are nearly finished!). I hope that by the end of the 2016 I will have accomplished that goal. As you can see this has been a long project. Which has not been helped by me buying more beauty products then I needed because I wanted to swap my make-up to green beauty products, like yesturday.

The problem is that I have not had the best luck with the the green make-up side of things, I will still try out products, but it is time to use stuff up and get a great replacement. For me if that means if it is cruelty free but not as green as I had previously bee looking for, I'm okay with that.

I don't want to be checking every five minutes if my make-up has disappeared of my face or is my mascara has crumbled off. As for skincare I am completely green and cruelty, so I feel that I am balanced. It wont work for someone else. But I good with that.

So how am going to use up all my stuff?

I'm on a serious no buy. I wont buy a replacement product until I have used up all of items category. For example, I have 7 concealers. Once one has been used up, I move onto the next one and so on. If a make-up product reaches it's expiry date that still counts. I will be doing the same thing with my skincare. To keep me motivated I already have a wish list in the making. Full of inspiration from fellow bloggers and window shopping. I'm not allowed to buy any of it until I have used up a category. And what I do buy must replace that category. Do you see where I'm going with this?

There is a mix of green beauty and what I would call convention cruelty free make-up items.

I don't want to be keeping make-up for just in case!

I got the habit of saving a product or trying to make sure I wouldn’t use t up because I loved it so much. Now I realise that is stupid as make-up goes off and I use it up, I will allow myself to buy another one and perhaps a back up, if I have loved it that much!

So in the end I've not made much of a dent, I was really reserved when buying things in 2014 and then I started a buying frenzy again in early 2015! So that's how I got here, the later months have not seen many splurges.

I have a new sense of contentment. I have enough to get on with and am able create plenty of looks and I want to use it up before the majority of my make-up collection expires.

Waste not want not!

I'll let you know how I get on!


  1. This is a brilliant idea. I need to do the same, I think I will be shocked at how much products I actually own

    1. I would really recommend it! it makes you take notice of what you acutally use and love, whats needs to be used / could be thrown away. Much happier now, when i sit down to put my make up on. x

  2. Good luck with the project, Liz! I am doing a similar project pan with makeup low by. It's hard to just focus on certain products for a long time, but the reward at the end of the project is great. :)


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