Wednesday, 4 May 2016

When intuition pays off

There will come a time, probably many times in your life when you have to trust your gut.
Or, to put it more eloquently, to follow and trust your own intuition.

 Intuition, a phenomenon of the mind, describes the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. The word "intuition" comes from Latin verb intueri translated as consider or from late middle English word intuit, "to contemplate".

Let me take you back to October 2015, I had finished my radiotherapy treatment and continued to work all the way through it. I had promised myself that I would let myself make change. That change was a career change, I had been in the same job for four years, for at least one of which i had wanted to leave. But due to adult things like a mortgage and then getting diagnosed with Cancer, meant that I felt like I should stay in the same place suring treatment. My employer was understanding and supportive. So I stayed.

At the beginging of October I honoured my own wishes, for what felt like in the first in forever and I handed in my notice. Very quickly, to my delight I found a job that was within the field I am interested in and excites me. I felt a fresh wave of change wash over me and it felt good. I aced the interview, I got the job and Start date, January 2016. New Year, New start.

Looking back, I know now that I became so focused on this new job, this new career that I felt like this was my chance to be successful. It was my time, I had been through some shit and now it was the time to step up. I was putting way to much unnecessary pressure on myself. It was me doing this, no one else.

I was good at the job, there were aspects that I enjoyed and I didn feel like making a change was right for me. But the day to day was relentless. You were only as good as your last action, there was no let up. I found that I didn't want to be in such a highly powered, target driven job.  So I chose to leave without finishing the probation period. I left on a good note, with honesty and intregrty, both of which are very important to me.

My parents have brought me up to have an extremly good work ethic, so when I came to actively choosing to be unemployed and leaving a job after such a sort time, it felt so un natural.
I felt like a failure. That I was a failure.

I have struggled with this feeling of failure for a couple of months. I knew I left for me and my own happiness, the companies vibes wasn't right and I just didn't feel comfortable. But I still felt like I had left something good to soon. But what would have been the point? I would have worked myself into the ground and for what? A pay check?
I am fortunate that I have been able to have some savings (save 10% of your wages people!) so I wasn't going to be without financial support (my own).  So I chose myself, my own wellness and did what was best for me. I was afraid of what people would think of me.

Recently, I have found out that I made the right choice. I have learned from this not to care what people think of my actions. Even if those people are parents, even if they dont intitally agree. There comes a time when you have to make your own choices that might rub people the wrong way. As long as these life choices are not illegal, harming yourself or another person and they will make you happier in the long run, then do it!


I know now that about a month and a half after I chose the leave, I would have very likely been let go from the company. So in the long run, even if it may not have felt like it at the time. I made the right choice. My intuition, my beautiful, wonderful gut feeling, led me to the right decision. It was screaming at me and I followed it.

If I hadnt acted on it?

I would most likely be unemployed right now -  I am un-employed anyway, but by my own choice. Not someone else's.
I would have had to work to the bone -  I have had two luscious months off.
I would have had a shit 30th - I turned 30 calm and happy and had a great joint party with my Husband!
I wouldn't have been able to enjoy my party -  I was able to make some awesome giant tassel decorations and had the whole weekend to party and spend time with family and friends. If I had stayed, I would of had to work that weekend and not able to focus on the fun to be hand.

so the moral of the story? DO IT!

If it feels right. It is right,

Intuition pays off.


  1. Hi Liz! Hope you're doing well. Loved this post; I'm someone who rely on my own intuition a lot and I follow my heart. Like you mention, a lot of times we become confused or suspicious about a decision we're about to make because we care so much about what others may think of us? The fact is that everybody is busy taking care of their own business, that at the end of the day no one can tell you exactly what is the right thing to do. And 'not doing' is doing something in itself! Life is a funny and enlightening journey, and I'm happy to read about yours. Much love and health! xo

    1. Sorry for the delay in reply! Computer problems! Thanks you Ru! I love reading your blog too! it certainly takes some strength to do it but following your own path is always the best way! xxxxx

  2. I couldn't agree more with listening to your intuition and also in trusting yourself. Similar to you I left a job without another one to go to, although the details of mine were messier and the pay check was never that great to begin with, but I knew when I left the job that it was the right thing for me to do. Even when I heard doubt in other peoples voices I trusted myself. You have to trust that you know what is right, and that you are doing it for the right reasons, because one day that trust might be all you have! Thank you for sharing your story! Stephie xx

    1. Thank you for the lovely message and great to here and that it really does all work out in the end! love you blog! xx