Monday, 20 June 2016

Fushi // Cold Pressed Organic Jojoba Oil

Cold Pressed
Smooth as silk and a dream to use
My ultimate favourite, never be without it, don't leave me ever, face, body, hair, beauty oil!I'm looking at you Fushi Jojoba Oil!

Right, lets be honest you can buy Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia californica) from a lot of different companies, in a variety of oil quality and varying price points. As an oil Jojoba is my go to. It does irritate my eyes and is able to get ride of all my eye make up. Its a great frizz tamer and works really well as a shaving oil. And, of course as a standard moisturiser. It is so easily absorbed into the skin. I do like my Rosehip for the face but when in doubt, I stick with Jojoba. It is rich in Vitamin E and helps to prevent and treat fine lines, it also offers enough slip to give a lovely face massage - which I have been practicing a lot lately.

For £14.50 Fushi gives you 100ml of the silkiest Jojoba oil I have ever used. I'm near to the end of my bottle and because it's such a fab multi-tasker I will be allowing myself to repurchase it, even though I am still unemployed. It was keep me going in many areas or my beauty and skin care regime.

To me it has become an essential, as I'm sure it has to many others. Sure you can invest in other oils and I have tried a few. However I always go back to Jojoba oil. It can do no wrong in my eyes. It's also a great oil to start experimenting with if you are a newbie to green beauty and a worthwhile investment if you are interested in downsizing your beauty stash to a more minimal collection - which I am currently in the process of doing.

Does anyone else love Jojoba as much as do? How do you use yours?
Do you like keeping is simple?
What is always in you stash and you cant bear to run out of it?

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  1. Ooooh yes I ADORE jojoba. I tend to use it to remove my eye makeup and then for just everything when I travel.