Thursday, 7 July 2016

Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask

The Hibiscus Face Mask by Balm Balm is one of the prettiest masks that I have had the pleasure of putting on my face. With it's wonderfully simple ingredient list of brown rice powder, rose geranium oil and ground hibiscus, it has become a firm favourite in my beauty cabinet.

The masks comes in powder form, in a cute little yellow 40g pot. I find that the powder form allows you to get many applications and you can really adjust how much of the mask you want to apply. I find there is less waste involved, compared to say a pre-made mask in a tube. Or is it just me who always ends up squeezing out way too much!

When combined with a liquid, the powder mask becomes a beautiful light pink paste.You can mix the powder with water or perhaps your favourite floral water, you can also experiment with mixing it with a tiny amount of oil to create a non drying mask. You will still get the benefits of the gentle exfoliation and brightening from the rice powder, it just makes it much more moisturising. I think its a great all in one mask. I have really gotten into using this mask because of how much you can customise it. Sometimes I want a drying mask, sometimes my skin needs something even gentler and a non setting mask does the trick.

I like to leave the mask on for at least 15 minutes, it removes easily adding to extra exfoliation when washed off. My skin always looks brighter and more refined. For me this really does the job and because I can customise it to my needs, it makes it a great item to have. Especially as I am trying to create a minimal, multi-functional skincare stash.

Priced at £9.50 makes this fab mask affordable for a repurchase and with a company like Balm Balm I know that I am getting great quality 100% organic ingredients..... what more could a girl want?!

What's you favourite mask of the moment? Do you have one that you find yourself always going back to?


  1. Love how affordable Balm Balm are! This does sound super pretty too :) I'm loving the Antipodes Honey Mask and the Petal Mask from Mahalo at the minute which is a gorgeous dusky pink colour! xx

    1. I love it. Especially when you are watching the pennies and still want some pampering! x

  2. This was the first natural face mask I ever bought (wait, maybe even one of the first natural products I ever bought...). I agree, the simplicity of the ingredients & the fact that it's so affordable is great. I love the idea of adding some drops of oil too - must try it sometime! :) x