Monday, 18 July 2016

Making the compromise for the life you want

In our life we will all have to make a constant stream of choices. Many of them are going to result in making compromises. I'm okay with compromise, especially since things a seeming to work out at the moment (dont worry I've touch a bit of wood, just in case). I have been finding it hard to find part time work in a corporate or office environment and to be honest I didn't really want to be working in that environment anymore, but I felt that was my only option.

I wrote a post about following my intuition and sticking to your guns , I'm not going to lie getting rejection after rejection was beginning to get me down and I just felt crap. Why was I also second in the running? Why wasn't I the strongest candidate, even though they said they liked me. So I have enough, I want to put myself first, that was why I had time off in the first place. So started to think outside the box.

At 30 some people might recoil at the thought of working in retail after a long break from it (no one should be a job snob anyway!). But not me, the job offers me the hours I need, I somehow managed to get out of working weekends and I can walk to work. So I'll be getting in some exercise before my shift has even started. Working part time will offer me some income to pay the bills and essentials, it means that I can exercise, it means that I then have time to focus on where I'm heading.

Right now I seem to be combining everyone of my interests, I'm studying Facial Rejuvenation Massage and loving it! (but trying to remember all the bones and muscles in the face is hard). I have recently started working freelance from home (THE DREAM) within the wellness publishing industry, which is what I have enjoyed in the past.....just not the long commute and stressful job role.

This has all been made possible my making the compromise and looking towards the end goal. I'm not letting the future over whelm me. I'm just make steps towards what I want. Do I want to work in a discount store for the rest of my life?short answer, no. But it is a means to an end and takes the financial stress away. It was also the only job interview where I wasn't asked about my time off, my hospital appointments and I didn't feel pressured into having to inform them that I've had cancer. Which is really refreshing in itself.

Compromise. It doesn't have to mean that you are getting the short straw in life. It can be the building blocks of how you can get to where you want to be!

So lets go for it!

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