If you have a question, suggestion or revelation please get in touch. I would love you hear from you!*


* Please note that as one March 2015 I will not be doing reviews. What I will be including on the blog are items/products that I have used and loved. I will not be writing reviews after a few weeks of use, I do not feel that this gives me enough time to warrant putting my opinion online.

I will accept items for consideration if I believe that they suit wellmeaningbeing's ethos and would benefit it's readers. Such items may be featured in a lifestyle or favourites post. This route of writing content feels much more authentic and curative. Please note that I am note that I do not have to and do not always write about every item I get sent. If i am sent an item for consideration, I use it and test, if i like it then write about it.

If you are looking for a blogger to bash out a quick review to go along with a current campaign and you need it like yesterday, then I am not your girl. However if you require a well thought out, well written piece of content featuring your product, then please get in touch at liz(at)